Posted: 27th January 2016 | Filed Under: News and Community 

Donald H. Read, Tax Counsel to Lakin Spears, LLP testifies before the IRS in Washington in opposition to the part of the proposed post-Obergefell marital status regulations that would fail to treat California registered domestic partners as spouses even though under state law they have all of the rights, obligations and benefits of spouses, including filing joint returns.  The American Bar Association Taxation Section has submitted formal comments to the IRS in support of the position Don argues.

Don attends meeting of the Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council.  IRSAC reviews existing tax policy and/or recommends policies with respect to emerging tax administration issues. The 18 member IRSAC suggests operational improvements, offers observations regarding current or proposed IRS policies, programs, and procedures, and advises the Commissioner with respect to issues having substantive effect on federal tax administration.